Dental Clinic in Singapore

There are, of course, multiple factors to consider when searching for good dentist in Singapore. Some of these factors include pricing, service quality and location. You’d be surprised at how much dental services can cost. As a general rule of thumb, if you’re looking for a simple general purpose service like scaling, the costs are pretty much lower. However, if you’re looking at cosmetic dentistry or dental services that provide significant aesthetic value then you’re definitely looking at a much higher price tag. Procedures like gum lifting or teeth whitening can cost a lot more than a general purpose dental service.

Location is also another big factor to consider when looking for a dentist. Most neighborhood centers have at least one dental service so if you don’t feel like venturing to far out your home turf, have a look round your area.

Last but not least, we have the service quality of the dentist to consider. This is what makes a customer stay loyal for life. A good dental clinic such as the dePacific –, knows how to make their patients feel comfortable and at ease. They’re usually friendly and warm and won’t scare the crap out of you by waving their sharp tools in your face. Another trait is time management, a good dental clinic respects their patients’ time. You can usually tell by how long you have to wait and whether or not they stick to alloted appointment times. Also, check out the facilities and equipment the dentist has, if everything’s looking old and rusty then you know you’re in trouble.

Anyway, these are just a few suggestions to take into consideration when deciding on a dental clinic to go for. Remember to check out top dental clinics in Singapore!

Getting a Facial Treatment in Singapore?

Facial treatment – Singapore’s beauties have been keeping this secret for years, If you’ve always thought that good genes were the reason why many Singaporeans have beautifully smooth, almost-perfect skin, despite eating bad food and nights of partying, you’ll have to credit the beauty salon that’s been giving them facial treatment– Singapore has quite a number of them!

Sure, genes may be part of the reason for that practically poreless porcelain complexion many of the beauties sport. But it takes great care and maintenance and that means facial treatment! Singapore beauty salons, such as Limmys, are definitely at par with the world’s best when it comes to skincare, however, which is why when it comes to getting a facial treatment, Singapore aestheticians will be sure to get you on your way to smooth, problem-free skin!

Facial Treatment – Singapore’s Aestheticians Know What To Do!

Whether your problem is dry skin, wrinkles, ageing, discolorations, stressed out skin or oily skin with trouble spots, this is the place to go to make sure you have texactly what you need for a facial treatment! Singapore skin experts, especially in facial care centers know just what to do to make sure your skin comes out younger and more radiant, even after just a single session.

This is because in a country where beauty is prized, beauty experts here take a lot of care to ensure that they have the latest discoveries, techniques and technologies to give great facial treatment. Singapore facial care salons have what you will need in the world’s best facial spas, from the latest machines, the best skincare products, and of course, experts who know how to coax beauty and radiance out of the most troubled skin.

What To Expect From A Singapore Facial Treatment

Singapore salons offer different clients. While many clients choose to pick one or two services from a menu of offerings for facial treatment, Singapore salons will often have several of these treatments packaged in combinations that are best for the client’s skin type, the most basic (and lowest costing) of which is the cleansing facial treatment. Singapore aestheticians are quite wonderful in cleaning out the impurities that tend to build up on skin, so even if you’re in a budget, you really should not forgo at least this type of facial treatment Singapore residents have regularly!

Aside from the regular cleansing facial treatment, Singapore salons offer a variety of modern types of skin treatments and services, including different types of therapy, masks, chemical, manual or mechanical peeling, removal of blemishes including warts and skin tags and more. For the more complicated forms of facial treatment, Singapore’s reputable salons always ensure that these are done under the supervision of a licensed dermatologist.

One of the more popular facial treatment Singapore beauties undertake regularly is what is known as a facial with a diamond peel– a regular cleaning session combined with slight microdermabrasion using diamond crystals– quite a painless procedure that helps revel wonderfully clear and young skin. After facial treatment, Singapore aestheticians will often offer a skin care regimen to help take care of the new, young-looking skin that is revealed. Of course, you are not obliged to buy everything, but it is often a good idea to take their prescriptions.

Smoking And Heart Disease

Many people are aware of the association between lung cancer, respiratory disease, and breathing problems with smoking, but some are unaware that smoking is also a lead cause in heart disease. The main reason is because smoking can cause furring and clogging of the vascular system and coronary arteries, which can lead to heart failure if left untreated.

What Is Heart Disease?

The heart is a muscle and gets the energy required for functioning from the blood supply which carries Oxygen and nutrients. A constant supply of nutrient and Oxygen rich blood is essential for the health functioning of the heart. Heart disease is a group of conditions that impair the normal functioning of the heart causing disease as explained on

Coronary artery disease – when fatty substances, Calcium and scar tissue build up in the coronary arteries preventing blood supply to the heart.

Risk factors for Heart disease are:

  • Smoking
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Physical inactivity

Smoking is even more of a risk factor as it can also lead to high-blood pressure and high-cholesterol, and many smokers are less physically active than non-smokers.

How Smoking Increases Heart Disease

Smoking increases blood pressure and heart rate * Damage to cells that line coronary arteries and other blood vessels, caused by increased lipids in the blood. * Increase in blood clot formation * Decreased Oxygen supply to heart

Smoking And Heart Disease Facts:

  • In the U.S. 20% of heart disease cases are directly related to smoking
  • The risk of heart disease increases in proportion to the number of cigarettes smoked, and also the length of time smoked
  • People who smoke one pack a day have over 50% more chance of heart attack than non-smokers.
  • Women who smoke while taking oral contraception pills have several times the risk of heart attack; stroke and vascular disease.
  • An estimated 35,000 non-smokers die from heart disease as a result of passive smoke.

Quitting smoking has an instant impact on your heart’s health. Within 20 minutes of stopping smoking, blood pressure is returned to normal. Within 72 hours, Carbon Monoxide, Nicotine and many other toxic chemicals have left the bloodstream, and Oxygen has returned to normal levels, literally allowing your heart to breathe! After 1 week, circulation has improved, and continues to improve in the first 10 weeks of stopping, and after just 1 year the risk of heart attack has halved. It is never to late to prevent heart disease and to reverse the effects of smoking on your heart.

Singapore Food Facts

Singaporeans love food – eating out has been declared as the favorite national pastime in Singapore. We all enjoy good food and we don’t mind travel a little to savor the best food.

Many said that there is no such thing as Singapore food.

The recipe may seem identical from the original, however, the way the food is cooked gave it a distinct Singaporean flavor. Most Singaporeans prefer their food spicy or strongly flavored.

Yet Singapore food is a fusion of the various cuisines giving rise to the good taste and unique style in culinary.

One candidate for “national dish”, this dish comes in different versions. It originated in Hainan, China, as a dish of plain rice and steamed chicken with a ginger dip. Once it came to Singapore with migrants more than 60 years ago, its metamorphosis began, and today, there is Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice, and there are Cantonese and Malay versions as well.

Whichever the version, it is hard not to love it. Fragrant rice that’s been cooked in chicken stock and other secret ingredients, accompanied by steamed or roasted chicken and slices of cucumber, which go brilliantly together.

The real test of great chicken rice lies in the accompanying chilli sauce – the dish isn’t complete without this, and the best-made versions make the meal heavenly as you can read from Singapore Food portal.  Local tastebuds which have grown to love chilli mean that Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice includes a sauce that is hot and tangy. Ground ginger paste and dark soy sauce are other accompaniments.