Best Handgun for Women

In today’s day and age, women need to be concerned about their safety and well being more than ever before and should think about what is the best handgun for women. It seems that the risk of attack or assault is growing at an alarming rate. At one time women carried things like pepper sprays to ensure their safety.

However, the trend of carrying concealed handguns has become quite common among women as they are far more fearful for their safety than in years past. Therefore, many of them seem to be in search of the best handgun for women that they can use to protect themselves or their children if the time ever comes.

Since women have smaller hands and are not as strong as men, in most cases, handguns that are typically used by men are not as an ideal for them. Handguns that have a smaller size, shorter recoil and a lighter trigger pull are easier to use for women. However, the best handgun for women will be one that is reliable and has an appropriate caliber and size. And the best place to find reliable guns and ammo is to search on internet. You will see that there are far better gun deals online than you would get with your local dealer.

Best Handgun for Women?

We think the Smith and Wesson Model 637 perfectly fits this description. This gun can be conveniently carried in a handbag or purse by women because of its compact size. Women will be able to easily place the gun in any bag and take it out with ease as well, since it has a very short 1 7/8″ barrel.

Women will also find it comfortable to hold this gun in their hands since it has such a small frame. Women can conveniently carry this gun on a daily basis since it only weighs 15 oz. Women can even place the gun in their pants or jack pocket too.

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