Finding the Right GPS Dog Collar

Your dog is more likely to veer off to the nearby park when you let him off his leash for a while. Before he gets there, he would have to cross a busy highway. That’s the last thing you want to happen. Not only will he be in danger with the passing cars, and who knows what else.

You now see how important it is to be able to locate your dog, if he is out of your sight, if only to secure his safety and protection. That’s why you need the GPS dog collar to make sure your dog is protected and safe from harm. Here are a few tips any pet owner should consider for him to pick the right GPS dog collar:

Ease of Use

Look for a GPS dog collar that you can easily bring around, wherever you go. It should be able to withstand any rough terrain, with a clear signal of transmission. If possible look for a GPS dog collar that alerts you whenever he tries to change location or if he is in danger from unwanted elements like stray animals and fast cars.

Safety Features

There are some GPS dog collars that have more safety features. These features sometimes include dog movement tracking, which allows you to see what your dog is doing even while he is far from you. This also serves as a good device for training, which will aid you in behavior modification. Every time your dog starts to jump off a fence or pick a fight with a stray dog, you can press the remote control to alert your dog of misbehavior. There are also GPS dog collars that can be used for creating an invisible creature for him to stay in a safe zone while being away from you.


Look for a GPS dog collar that can withstand all kinds of weather. It’s better to have one that’s water-proof. In this way, your pet can use the device even when he is underwater. It will be safe for him then to stroll around wet areas, without you fearing for his safety.


An ideal GPS dog collar is one that has high frequency transmission. The higher the frequency, the farther is its reach. It should have less static and can stand longer use.


Remember that a GPS dog collar’s price is commensurate with its features. The better the kind of features it has, the higher the price is. Just don’t go beyond the 500-800 price range though. You can get a decent GPS dog collar device with this amount.

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