Home food delivery in Singapore

Home food delivery in Singapore is getting increasingly popular as growing Singaporeans are seeking food delivery services to both homes and offices that are quick and convenient solutions to their daily diet and meal needs. By food deliveries, we do not necessarily mean fast foods. As we all know, fast foods are not exactly the healthiest of diets. Therefore, in order to save time and effort in whipping up a storm, you should only consider home food deliveries that offer nutritious choices of food, especially if you and your family were to consume them on a regular basis.

Ordering a home or office food delivery service – What to Consider?

The occasion or event that you are having or hosting. Before you dial that caterer’s number, always ask yourself what is the food spread for?

  • Determine the purpose of the event – To celebrate an occasion? To officiate an opening? For an annual gathering? Festive feasting?
  • Determine the type of event – Is it for a casual party? Or is it for a corporate event?
  • Establish the Time & Duration of the event – short tea breaks? Breakfast meeting? Luncheon for a seminar or workshop? Or after work dinner party? You will need to set a timeline for the event so you can decide on the number of courses to last your guests throughout the function.
  • Type of Caterers/ Type of food choices offered/ Type of Menu

Now that you have got all these sorted out, you get a rough idea of what kind of people will be attending, and therefore the type of image you want the food to present and impress the guests. Think about the type of cuisine, scale of food variety and the number of courses you will like to serve your attendees. Consider the time of the event for the type of food choices you select. For example, if it is for a company lunch meeting, and it involves colleagues of multi-cultural background, you may then want to place your order through a catering company that offers a mixed menu of western and Asian, from chicken rice to pizza and burgers and fusion lunch deliveries, that comprises easy-to-eat and bite sizes portions to prevent any food stains or spills that may well happen.

Estimated Number of people/ Turn out

For a bigger or formal event, some of the hosts may want to gauge the number of confirmed attendance, so you have sufficient time to prepare for the amount of food per head count. This will not only save you time wrecking your brain over how much food to order, but also minimizes any food wastage or saves you the trouble of ordering more food at a later time to compensate for the shortfall in food.

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