How Can I Get Advice from InventHelp Experts?

As an inventor, seeking advice and opinions from seasoned professionals can be a critical aspect of your innovation journey. The patenting process can be complicated and often overwhelming for novice inventors. Expert advice can aid in making informed decisions, and save a lot of time and resources. So, when working with a firm such as InventHelp, you might likely wonder, “Can I get opinions from InventHelp professionals?” The answer— a reassuring ‘yes.’

InventHelp: A Treasure Trove of Expertise

InventHelp prides itself on being a full-service invention assistance company, offering not just patent services, but also a wealth of expertise and advice. Their team is made up of experienced professionals who can provide invaluable insights throughout your invention journey.

How InventHelp Professionals Can Help

What happens after I contact InventHelp? As soon as you submit your information, InventHelp will begin to process it and review your invention. Their team of professionals will put together a profile for your idea and determine whether or not it has commercial potential. If it does, they will proceed with patent application preparation and filing.

  • Patent Advice: InventHelp patent attorneys can provide expert opinions on the patentability of your idea or invention. This could also include advice on whether to file for a utility or design patent, or whether a provisional patent application might be most suitable to start.
  • Evaluation and Feedback: InventHelp professionals can help evaluate your invention idea for its potential commercial success. They can provide advice on product development, design modifications, and market trends.
  • Market Research: InventHelp can offer expert opinions on your target market. Their research specialists can help you understand the competitive landscape, assess consumer needs, and identify potential opportunities for your invention.
  • Licensing Negotiations: InventHelp’s licensing experts have vast experience in dealing with licensing negotiations and can provide input on creating an effective licensing strategy.
  • Marketing Strategies: InventHelp’s marketing professionals can offer valuable insights on how to market your invention effectively. They can provide advice on branding, pricing strategies, and promotional techniques.
  • Prototyping Assistance: InventHelp has prototype developers who can examine your invention and provide opinions on how to enhance its design or functionality.

InventHelp professionals have a rich experience in guiding inventors through the trials and tribulations of the invention process. Their insights can be invaluable in navigating the commercialization journey of your invention.

It’s crucial, though, to remember that the final decision-making power rests with you. While InventHelp can provide expert opinions, they respect that each inventor’s needs are unique. As such, their professionals ensure that each inventor is fully involved and makes the ultimate decisions in their own journey of invention.


Overall, InventHelp is committed to providing inventors with the necessary guidance and opinion they require. Its supportive and experienced team is ready to assist you throughout each stage of your invention process to ensure that your idea gets the best possible opportunity to succeed.

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