How to become an Underwater Welder

An underwater welder is basically a commercial driver. He undertakes different varieties of welding jobs that need to be carried out under the restraint of the high pressure underwater. An underwater welder needs to carry out jobs like compromising oil platforms, repairing pipelines and damaged ships by using steel welds. Underwater welding is a process that was invented in the year 1932 and the credit of its invention goes to Konstantin Khrenov. Today, underwater diving is a very important career as you can read from this How to become an underwater welder article.

Is it Possible to become an Underwater Welder?

Do you have dreams of spending your working career underwater away from the hustle and bustle of modern city life? There are a lot of hardworking individuals found in this world who are simply bored of commuting and of office jobs. Underwater welding is just the right job for you if you are fond of getting yourself busy with the hands and if you do not fear the deep blue sea.

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