How To Sell Your House?

If you are ready to put your house in Macon on the market, you want to do whatever you can to gain an edge over other homes in your price range and in your neighborhood.

The good news is that you can, once you know how. Keep in mind that selling a home is a major decision, one that needs to be thought out carefully. Once that decision has been made, your next priority is to move it quickly and at your asking price.

Here are some pointers to help you meet your goals. First, determine why you are selling. Obviously, the reason people sell homes varies greatly. For example, if you are selling because of a job transfer or some other reason to move quickly then you are considered a “motivated seller”.  There are home buying companies in Macon, GA, that could really speed things up. You can find these companies on internet pretty easy. Just type something like “sell house fast for cash Macon” and you can start browsing their services.

For a quick sale, you need to understand that you will need to be more flexible on the asking price whereas if you have time, you can hold out longer for the price you want. Most importantly, do not tell anyone other than your real estate agent why you are selling. Word gets around quickly and if a potential buyer finds out you need to move quickly, you can be sure you will not get the top asking price. Although you will be working with your agent on the price, before your home goes on the market, you too should conduct research to see the price of other similar style and size homes and homes in your general vicinity.


There is a phrase in real estate called “curb appeal.” When people drive by your home or show up with a realtor to look at your home, first impressions can make or break a deal right off the bat. Some people are great visionaries and can look past things that might need to be changed or fixed while other people see only the obvious. In addition, people will respond to everything from look, feel, sound, and even smell. Therefore, you want to make sure repairs are done, everything is in top working order, and that the house is tidy and clean. Do not think pulling a shower curtain closed will stop people from looking because you can be sure they will.

When you get ready to choose a realtor, remember that not all realtors are the same. Each offers different levels of experience and dedication. Therefore, you want to choose someone that is both reputable and knowledgeable about the area where you live. Rather than settle with the first real estate agent you meet, talk to several realtors to find the one that best matches your personality and needs. If you have family or friends who have recently used a good agent, you might meet with that agent first.

Once you have someone interested in buying your home, the negotiation process requires good understanding. With this, you want to leave yourself enough bargaining room. Selling a home can sometimes be emotional. After all, you have invested time and emotions into the house and while it might be difficult, try to remind yourself that this is a business transaction so emotions need to be kept in check. As you go through the negotiation process, have a good idea of what you are and are not legally required to divulge. If you are not sure, pull your realtor aside and ask. A common mistake made by sellers is saying too much during negotiations. Finally, remember that as people start coming through your home, it is fine to have more than one interested buyer. A little competition can actually help raise the final price.

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