Matching Your Roofing Needs To Your Roofing Contractor

Ok, so you’ve decided about your roofing solution, and you know how to find a good and reliable roofing Pittsburgh contractor. What’s next?

Handing over the project, of course!

So here’s what you do.

Get a roofing estimate. Have it in writing. Detail everything including the material to be used, the company or manufacturer or brand that you will use, any guarantees about labor and details of the work involved.

Is the old roof to be removed? Note it. Does your contractor agree to dispose the old material? Record it. Are guttering and decking included in the job? Mention it.

Be sure to verify references from previous clients, and take special care to see how satisfactory the job completion was. If your contractor has complaints or even law suits against him from previous clients, now is the time you want to know – not after he has wasted your time and money!

Take care to evaluate all your research material. Get many more opinions if you still need guidance. Be sure to sweat the small stuff – it could save you big bucks down the road.

Finally, have a roofing contract written and signed, covering all the information on this list. That may serve not only as a memory jogger of what was agreed upon, but also the primary resource you have to seek compensation in a legal manner if ever things go wrong.

Finding and hiring a roof repair Pittsburgh contractor to get your roof repair or roof replacement project done can seem complex, confusing and chaotic. But in reality, it isn’t that bad – or tough. Just take reasonable care, do your due diligence, and be wise before you get scammed or cheated.

By following the simple and common-sense guidelines in this report, you can ensure that your roofing job goes on smoothly and effectively, while saving you stress, effort and a lot of money!

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