Rent to own

We Have The Program For You!!

Welcome to the newest and most exciting real estate program to come around in years, perhaps ever! We at Rent to Own Any Home Inc. have one goal in mind. To get our clients into a home of their very own.

We are very successful in accomplishing our goals because we developed a customized plan for our clients using the many different options available to them based on their individual needs and circumstances.

We have spent many hours determining what issues face our clients that prevent them from purchasing a home and have developed a systematic approach to overcome these obstacles.

Our programs have been created to do just one thing, get our clients into a home so they too can Realize The American Dream.

Most of our clients have many things in common:

a. They have bad credit problems including slow pays, charge offs, judgments, bankruptcies, and foreclosures.

b. They have difficulty obtaining the large down payment required by banks.

c. Several companies have told them they do not qualify for a mortgage.

d. They are looking to refinance without damaging their credit

e. They are unable to verify income, employment, or provide the needed paperwork traditionally needed when financing a home.

f. They are looking for a company to help them out of the financial situation they are currently in.

We understand our clients, talk to our clients and get to know our clients. We also understand our jobs. We are Mortgage Brokers and Real Estate Investors. We are in the business of buying homes and know how to do it well.

We understand that our duty as a Mortgage Broker is that we must make every effort to match a client with a bank that will give them a mortgage. Most Mortgage Brokers have relationships with 5 or 6 different lending institutions, the Mortgage Broker gets to know the lenders offerings and if you dont fit into their mold you get rejected.

We at Rent to Own Any Home Inc. break that mold. We work with over 300 different lenders throughout the country and use modern technology to match our clients to the best lender. We have found that just about anyone, regardless of credit, can and do get qualified for a mortgage.

We also understand that as Real Estate Investors we have added knowledge of being able to acquire a home with as little out of pocket expense as possible. Since our goal is to get our clients into a home we gladly share that knowledge with them.

We invite you to take some time and review this web site and see how easy it is to get into a home of your very own.