Singapore Food Facts

Singaporeans love food – eating out has been declared as the favorite national pastime in Singapore. We all enjoy good food and we don’t mind travel a little to savor the best food.

Many said that there is no such thing as Singapore food.

The recipe may seem identical from the original, however, the way the food is cooked gave it a distinct Singaporean flavor. Most Singaporeans prefer their food spicy or strongly flavored.

Yet Singapore food is a fusion of the various cuisines giving rise to the good taste and unique style in culinary.

One candidate for “national dish”, this dish comes in different versions. It originated in Hainan, China, as a dish of plain rice and steamed chicken with a ginger dip. Once it came to Singapore with migrants more than 60 years ago, its metamorphosis began, and today, there is Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice, and there are Cantonese and Malay versions as well.

Whichever the version, it is hard not to love it. Fragrant rice that’s been cooked in chicken stock and other secret ingredients, accompanied by steamed or roasted chicken and slices of cucumber, which go brilliantly together.

The real test of great chicken rice lies in the accompanying chilli sauce – the dish isn’t complete without this, and the best-made versions make the meal heavenly as you can read from Singapore Food portal.  Local tastebuds which have grown to love chilli mean that Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice includes a sauce that is hot and tangy. Ground ginger paste and dark soy sauce are other accompaniments.

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