The Shirt With A Message

Do you feel some kind of friction with the way people treat nature and our earth? Or how everything and everyone seems to be fixated on work and money? Off course there are much more examples, but do you actually want to do something about your frustration now? There´s just this one thing, you have no idea where to start?

Well… you can start with making everybody around you more aware about the worldly problems and your ideas. You´ll be surprised how many people feel exactly the way you do!

T-shirts with a message helps people who think alike to get in contact, and people who don´t think alike to get more aware. A win-win !

When we get more concious, and all feel that something has to be done, ideas and good initiatives can grow and spread more easily. And as a group you can get more done. With the T-shirt, we can spread ideas and awareness with simple means as explained on And if we even add some humor to it, it will get accepted more quickly!

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