Vegan Snacks for Athletes

Getting in shape is hard work. You have to put in the hours at the gym and keep yourself in an active lifestyle. Trying to get fit and build muscle while also living a humane and ethical lifestyle can be even more of a challenge. When you’re looking to maintain a vegetarian or vegan diet and you’re looking for ways to eat right so you can still perform at a high level as an athlete you need to have a game plan to find the right snacks that will give you the energy you’re looking for , such as the best plant based meats, while also being sourced such that you can trust that no animals were hurt or killed in the making of the products. You need to have a checklist to make sure you find the right options to keep yourself full of energy and not doing wrong by animals.

One of first options you should think of is energy bars. Either getting them at the store or making them yourself. You’re going to want something with a good amount of calories in it so you know you’re not leaving yourself lacking when it comes to having energy to handle your workout or game you’re about to be playing. Nobody wants to be on the team of the guy who can’t get up and down the court when you’re at the park shooting hoops. Peanut butter is one of the better sources of protein you can find in a vegan food so finding energy bars that have peanut butter in them, or making your own using all natural peanut butter is a great way to ward off hunger.

Granola bars are another good way to get yourself a healthy and vegan snack to help you power through a day of doing CrossFit at the gym. Having a broad outline of what you want for your snacks will help you mix and match different options for both nutrients and taste. Mixing in some fruit and nuts to go with the oats that make up the texture of a granola bar is a great way to tailor your snacks to suit the needs you want to have met. Throwing in some apple, cherry, or grape chunks can give your snack a great flavor and the natural energy you’re looking for to maintain performance during your activities.

Another great snack idea is to have a jar of mixed nuts. Nuts of all kinds provide healthy fats, proteins and good amounts of calories to allow you have a complete diet without having to compromise your ethics. Being an athlete is hard and being an athlete that doesn’t eat meat might seem like a task people can’t achieve but it’s very possible. If you follow this list for snack ideas you’ll be well on your way to have a bunch of healthy options for your snacks and you can make them sides for your meals. Keeping yourself in shape and full of energy isn’t as tough as it looks. You can do this and you’ll feel a lot better when you do.

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